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Certificate in Teaching Advanced History and Government

The History department at Villanova University is proud to announce a new Graduate Certificate in Teaching Advanced History and Government. This certificate is designed for current and prospective secondary school social studies teachers. The certificate aims to help teachers deepen their substantive content knowledge and enrich their expertise with effective pedagogical methods and theories. This graduate certificate allows the Villanova student to combine studies in History and Political Science as well as to further integrate them with relevant pedagogy courses offered by the Education department.

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Advanced History and Government requires students to successfully complete 15 credits in a combination of history, education and political science courses. For maximum flexibility, students will be able to distribute these 15 credits among the following curriculums:

  • American History/Government
  • European History/Comparative Government or International Relations
  • World History/Comparative Government or International Relations

Students will take at least one course in each discipline and two courses in two of the disciplines.

Sample Curriculum sequences:

AP US History/AP US Government and Politics
PSC 7175 Topics in American Government
PSC8110 US Congress or PSC 8120 US Presidency
HIS 8016 Revolutionary America
HIS 8026 US Civil War
EDU 8673 Philosophy of Education

AP European History and AP Comparative Government and Politics
HIS 8231 French Revolution and Napoleonic Era
HIS 8241 European Nationalism 1815-1870 or HIS 8274 Twentieth Century Europe
PSC 7375 Topics in Comparative Politics
PSC8320 Russian Politics
EDU 8550 Methods of Teaching English and Social Studies

Please note that this is not a teaching certificate. Students are expected to already have or be planning to earn their teaching certificate. Students must have completed their Bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. GRE scores are not required and the certificate is open as a post-bac or post-grad certificate. Those who already possess a Master’s degree may have certain requirements waived, based on approval from the primary program director.

If you have questions or would like additional information about this new certificate program, please contact the History Graduate Program Director, Dr. Lynne Hartnett.

Contact the Program Director

Lynne Hartnett, PhD

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