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An education in Gender and Women’s Studies prepares students to be leaders in today’s increasingly global economy, where professionals must work across cultural divides and navigate more diverse workplaces than ever before. Because gender influences all workplace environments, our students acquire an immensely practical education. They are trained to be analytical, flexible, and self-aware. As they study ways to promote gender equality, they examine their own values and learn to recognize, respect, and negotiate cultural differences. In the media-saturated world of tomorrow, professionals with the tools to manage the shifting landscape of gender and sexuality will not just be valuable. They will be essential.

Professional Skills of GWS Students

  • Analyzing complex problems from multiple perspectives
  • Recognizing and negotiating a variety of world views and cultural differences
  • Communicating clearly and effectively about hot-button issues
  • Approaching the struggles of others with sensitivity and insight
  • Thinking both creatively and critically about social institutions, cultural trends, and personal choices

Positions held by recent GWS graduates

  • Accountant
  • Account Executive
  • Case Manager/Development and Operations Assistant
  • Chemist
  • Coordinator, Corporate Communications and Social Media
  • E-Commerce Operations Coordinator/Analyst
  • Ensign aboard the USS Ross
  • Film Producer
  • Freelance Editor
  • Genetic Counselor
  • Mental Health Care Social Worker
  • Program Associate at a consumer research nonprofit group
  • Public Policy Coordinator at a nonprofit agency that serves domestic violence survivors
  • Speech Pathologist


Julia Arduini, ’12 Script Supervisor/Screenwriter Lesbros Entertainment, Major: GWS and Communication

“As a script supervisor I ensure continuity of the script, both on paper, and visually, essentially making sure that the actors are saying and doing everything that is on the script. GWS has had a true and genuine impact on my life and my career. My passion for GWS has led me to begin screenwriting for myself, with one goal in mind: to show inclusive and empowering representations of gender and sexuality.” 

Katie Allport, ’10 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Major: Biology, Minor in GWS and Psychology

“GWS offered stimulating courses that provided social meaning and context to my science background. It has been a source of inspiration and guidance as I pursue my dream of a career in women’s health. I find joy in serving women and believe feminism is an empowering philosophy for all of society. I am about to begin a residency program in Family Medicine, a primary care specialty that serves the health needs of the entire population throughout the lifespan, and I intend to pursue fellowships in women’s health/obstetrics and integrative medicine.”

Jacquelin Giacobbe, ’09 Grants and Communications Manager Isles, Inc., a community development and environmental organization, Major: Sociology, Minor in GWS and English

 “My interest in GWS made me want to examine and address inequalities in resources and opportunities between genders. GWS is a helpful background to have as a young woman in any professional workplace setting. Gender colors essentially all interactions, so acknowledging it and understanding how it works can only serve you well. At the end of the day, I’m an unapologetic feminist, and my interest in women’s issues is as strong as ever.”

Kyrie Hupka, ’10, Villanova Law ’13 Corporate Litigation Attorney Pepper Hamilton, LLP, Major: English and Philosophy, Concentration in GWS

“I was raised to believe that I could do anything I set my mind to, so as I got older I never accepted anyone telling me that my capabilities or options were limited in any way because of my gender. Yet, I was never fully cognizant of the importance of gender equality and women’s rights to my own life until I stumbled across the writings of Simone de Beauvoir in a philosophy class, and my interest in women’s voices began to take form. My GWS education was the next step in that evolution. The knowledge— and confidence—gained during my time in the GWS program is one of the crucial tools I carry daily  in my career in corporate law.”

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