Honorary Members

For their continual support of female faculty and students at Villanova, and for calling attention to gender issues across the University, the Gender and Women's Studies program is fortunate to include the following distinguished colleagues in our program as Honorary Members.


Helen K. Lafferty, Ph.D.

College Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. Lafferty, first in the Dean's office, later as University Vice President, has been a constant supporter of gender issues and the Women's Studies Program, including attending our events, presenting awards, and supporting faculty in various ways. Dr. Lafferty has recently been appointed the first College Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and continues to educate and counsel students on gender and diversity issues.


Gaile M. Pohlhaus, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Dr. Pohlhaus is Professor Emerita and a former director of the Women’s Studies program and is responsible for a number of its assets including the creation of its Resource Center and its graduate assistantship position. Dr. Pohlhaus retired in 2005 as full-time professor of Religious Studies and Theology and now teaches at Villanova part-time.


Barbara Wall, Ph.D.

Special Assistant to the President for Mission Effectiveness
Dr. Wall, while Director of the Center for Peace and Justice Education, spearheaded the creation of the Women's Studies Program in 1989, and began initiatives such as proposing a major, a minor, and the concentration. It was her idea to host a Women’s Studies student conference (the Elizabeth Cady Stanton conference) that is now in its 20th year. Dr. Wall currently serves as the Special Assistant to the President for Mission Effectiveness at Villanova University and Associate Professor of Philosophy.