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What students are saying about GWS


Student Testimonials

“Our program focuses on real life issues – issues that matter once we leave college. I have absolutely loved being a GWS major. I feel like a stronger, more empowered woman than I was when I entered college. GWS has influenced what I want to do with my life as far as my career. It has made me want to make a difference in our world.”

            -- Tara Lombardia, GWS major, Class of 2014

The GWS program has been the most influential part of my college experience.”

            -- Olivia Ferguson, GWS minor, Class of 2014

“I know it is not an exaggeration to say I would not have been chosen for my dream internship had it not been for my ability to differentiate myself as a GWS major.”

            -- Emily Tifft, Summer 2014 Intern at the U.S. Supreme Court and GWS major, Class of 2016

“Being a GWS minor has definitely challenged my mind and made me open to non-traditional ideas. It has forced me to confront and question my personal world.”

            -- Katherine Welter, GWS minor, Class of 2014

“Before getting involved with GWS, I never thought about gender, I never thought about women’s struggle for equality, and I certainly never thought that women still struggled today. The classes I have taken here have broadened my perspective on society and our culture in ways I could have never imagined. I feel that GWS has deeply been woven into the person that I have grown into over the years and the passions that I have developed. I know for a fact I would be a very different person had I not decided to minor in GWS.” -- Megan Backus, GWS minor, Class of 2012

“The diversity and interdisciplinary nature of the GWS program is its greatest strength. I found it incredibly easy to fit in a minor just by fulfilling my core requirements, which not many other programs can do. I have had some of my best professors for my GWS classes, which was just an affirmation that I was in the right program. … The GWS minor has given me tangible knowledge that I could discuss in everyday life. It is a field where students are able to take the things they learn in the classroom and apply them outside academia.” – Rachel Friedman, GWS minor, Class of 2012

I think we all have that “Ah ha” moment  when we take our first Gender and Women’s Studies class. Maybe it was when you learned about Judith Butler and gender, or, one of my personal favorites, Peggy McIntosh’s Invisible Knapsack. In the end, there is that concept that strikes a chord with you, and makes you more aware of the world.What I have learned here I will be able to bring to any profession. Thank you GWS.

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