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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Gender and Women's Studies office located?

Our office is located in St. Augustine Center, SAC Room 488, tel. 610.519.3815.

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Whom do I contact for information about the program in Gender and Women's Studies?

The graduate certificate program and Academic Director is  Dr. Lisa Sewell at 610.519.4646. The Programming Director is  Dr. Timothy McCall at 610.519.3897.

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What type of programs does Gender and Women's Studies offer?

Students can earn either a Major or Minor in Gender and Women's Studies, or a graduate certificate.

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Are there any Graduate Assistantships available?

We will be accepting applications for our Graduate Assistant position in the Spring semester.  Pleae see the Graduate Studies pages for further information on financing your education.

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What is Gender and Women's Studies?

abstract image of gender and womens studies
  • Identifies gender and sexuality as fundamental to the ways that men and women understand themselves

  • Focuses on the position of women and men and causes us to rethink history and culture

  • Examines human sexualities within their historical constructs and changing societal norms

  • Analyzes the implications of gender roles in the past and present

  • Considers social and cultural consequences for both women and men of gender divisions and sex-role restrictions

  • Addresses the history and achievements of women

  • Empowers students by developing the skills needed to reason and argue competently, thus giving them a voice and sense of identity to work for change