What Students Say

My Gender and Women’s Studies classes have given me a lens through which to see the world. After taking one GWS class, it was impossible not to notice how gender plays a role in my life. The things I have learned are now imperative to my personal viewpoints. I intend to carry them with me far beyond Villanova.” – Jessica Flynn, Class of 2015

"The knowledge – and confidence – gained during my time in the GWS program is one of the crucial tools I carry daily in my career in corporate law.” – Kyrie Hupka, Class of 2010

The diversity and interdisciplinary nature of the GWS program is its greatest strength. I found it incredibly easy to fit in a minor just by fulfilling my core requirements, which not many other programs can do. I have had some of my best professors for my GWS classes, which was just an affirmation that I was in the right program. … The GWS minor has given me tangible knowledge that I could discuss in everyday life. It is a field where students are able to take the things they learn in the classroom and apply them outside academia.” – Rachel Friedman, Class of 2012

"Once you take a Gender and Women’s Studies class, you won’t be the same. You will no longer accept norms as they are, but instead, think twice about how society works and how you fit into it.” – Katarina Mayers, Class of 2011

Hear What Students Say

Students in the GWS Integrating Seminar show you why you should join GWS.

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