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Villanova loves teachers!

teachers at Villanova

Villanova's graduate programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have enthusiastically welcomed teachers for decades. Each year, some of the brightest and most ambitious teachers in the Philadelphia area pursue our degrees and certificates to enrich their understanding of their subject matter and enhance their pedagogical repertoire. Hear from our student and alumni teachers!

Why choose Villanova to continue your education and professional development?

  • Expand your subject knowledge and expertise:  Extensive program offerings in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and sciences include more than 20 master's degrees and more than 40 graduate certificates.
  • Generous tuition reductions for educators:  Teachers, counselors, and other administrators at primary and secondary schools whose jobs involve the direct academic supervision of students on a day-to-day basis receive tuition reductions.
    • Teachers and administrators at Catholic schools receive a 40% tuition reduction.
    • Teachers and administrators at public or private non-Catholic schools receive a 20% tuition reduction.
    • These reductions are for active teachers in primary and secondary schools. Unfortunately, those who work at preschools or colleges and universities are not eligible for the tuition reductions.
  • Flexibility and Convenience:  Most courses are in the evening, and nearly all programs have summer offerings.  Some programs also offer fully online options (for example, in Classical Studies) or blended in-person and online opportunities (i.e., Communication).
Master's student in Biology carries convocation banner

Persistence, Passion and Community: An Educator’s Unique Path to His Master's

This May, Eastburn graduated from Villanova University with a Master of Science in Biology, and he led the procession of his fellow graduates as the banner carrier for the Sciences during the Graduate Convocation on May 20. We caught up with Eastburn, whose own unique journey included taking classes part time as a full-time teacher, field research throughout North and Central America and the support of a caring community after a fire nearly destroyed his home this past winter. READ MORE