Incomplete Grades and Change of Grades

Incomplete Grades

Instructors may give students who do not complete all the academic assignments for a course a grade of Incomplete (N), provided they have discussed the missing assignments with the student and formulated a plan for the completion of the work. The N grade automatically converts to an NF grade if the work is not completed and submitted to the instructor per the dates listed on the Graduate Academic Calendars. For programs operating on eight-week calendars, this date is typically two weeks from the last day of class.  For all other programs, this date is typically one month from the last day of classes.

Change of Grade

Students receiving an incomplete (N grade) at the end of a semester must submit the missing academic work to their instructor per the guidelines above.  The instructor has two weeks to grade the work. When the work is graded, the professor should submit a change of grade request to the department chairperson and Dean of Graduate Studies for their approval.  The official deadline dates are listed for each semester on the Graduate Academic Calendars.   


Requests for additional time to complete course requirements beyond the deadline must be submitted using the Extension for Incomplete Grades form found below. The form must indicate the expected date for the completion of the work. The request requires the approval of the professor, the graduate director or chairperson of the student’s department, and the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Dean's office will notify the Registrar and the student's grade will reflect an "N" until the approved deadline date. The Dean of Graduate Studies will not approve more than three extensions.

Conversion of N grade to NF

If an extension is not granted, the grade originally assigned to the student will convert to an "NF" grade once the official deadline for change of grade has passed. This "NF" will be calculated in the student's grade point average as an "F" grade.

* Extension.pdf
Extension for Incomplete Grades form