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Graduate CLAS Non-Medical Remote Learning Accommodation Request Form


Please only submit the form below if:

  • You are a graduate student in a program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for spring 2021.
  • You are requesting a NON-MEDICAL remote learning accomodation.   
  • You are registered for spring courses that will not be held in-person and you have your spring course registration information on-hand.

For all other accomodation requests:
Accommodation requests based on a disability or health risk due to COVID-19 should be submitted to Nicole Subik, Director of the Office of Learning Support Services. This is outlined in the Academic FAQs for 2020 - 2021 under the "Graduate Students FAQs" section.
If you have questions regarding the modality of your Graduate Assistantship or Tuition Scholarship assignment for spring 2021, please reach out to your Program Director and do not submit the form below unless you want to request remote learning for a class scheduled to meet in-person or hybrid.



Please complete the following fields to reflect your current spring course registration information.

Five (5) course sections are available if needed. Otherwise, additional sections can be left blank. (For example, if you are only registered for three (3) spring courses, you can leave the sections for course #4 and course #5 blank).

Course #1:

Course #2:

Course #3:

Course #4:

Course #5: