Comprehensive Examinations

  • Students should normally apply for the comprehensive examination after they have completed approximately twenty-four semester hours of course work with a quality-point average of at least 3.00 within a program approved by the chairperson of their major department. In some departments, students as determined by their chairpersons, may take the comprehensive examination after they have completed their course work and thesis.
  • The application for the examination should be made by the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar and submitted to the Chairperson or Program Director.
  • The Office of the Chair or Program Director will compute the student's grade-point average, and if it is satisfactory, the Chair or Program Director should sign the form to confirm the following information: the student's name, identification number, address, GPA (along with the date, time and room number for the examination). The form should be sent to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies for approval.
  • The Dean of Graduate Studies will notify the students by mail whether they have been approved for the examination and the necessary information regarding date, time and place of the examination.
  • In the event of failure, one re-examination will be permitted, but not within the same semester.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for the last day for application for comprehensive examinations. The oral comprehensives must have been completed by the final date for giving an oral comprehensive as indicated in the Academic Calendar.