Full-time and Half-time Enrollment Status

Full-time Master’s students are expected to complete all the requirements for their degree in two academic years. All students pursuing Master’s degrees must complete their degree requirements within a six-year time period. Students enrolled in accelerated programs (HRD & online MPA) must complete their degree requirements within a four-year time period.

Effective Spring 2010, the minimum credit load for fulltime status is 6 credits/fall or spring semester, 3 credits in the summer. Students in Graduate Arts and Sciences may also be considered full-time if their credit load in a semester falls below this minimum but they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. The student is a graduate assistant or tuition scholar. Graduate assistants and tuition scholars must be enrolled in at least one course, which may be credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing. Note that students in master’s degree programs are not permitted to hold an assistantship or scholarship beyond the period of two academic years.
  2. The student is completing the program within the normal two-year full-time period of study and the department chair/program director confirms the status.
  3. The student is enrolled in Thesis (3 cr) or Dissertation (3 cr) or CSC 9020 (Independent Study).
  4. The student is enrolled in Thesis Continuation (0 credit), Dissertation Continuation (0 credit), or CSC 9021 (Independent Study Continuation), with the approval of the program director and Graduate Dean’s office.
  5. Effective Fall 2010, Master’s level students may enroll as full-time students in Thesis Continuation or Independent Study Continuation for a maximum of two terms.

For programs operating on eight-week calendars (HRD and online MPA), a graduate student is considered full time if he or she is enrolled for at least 6 credits in an 8 week session, half time status is three credits per an 8 week session.