Auditing Courses

Students already enrolled in a CLAS graduate program may audit undergraduate or graduate courses.  Anyone who is not already enrolled in a graduate program who wishes to audit a course is required to submit an application, together with the application fee and the other materials required for admission to the particular program of interest. Not all graduate programs will permit audits. Students who audit a course do not receive credit or a grade for the course. (The final grade of AU is given to indicate the student has audited the course, but does not carry any grade points.) Students auditing courses are not responsible for the assignments or examinations required in the course. The same tuition and fees are charged for audit as for credit courses. The same regulations regarding dropping, adding, and withdrawing from a course apply to courses that are audited. Since priority for enrollment is given to degree-seeking and certificate program students, those not enrolled in a graduate program may only audit a course if space permits.

Students may select audit status or change their status in a course from letter grade to audit through the drop/add period only.