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Research Support, Services and Policies

Graduate students who are currently enrolled in Villanova's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will find information here on the many services and facilities available to graduate students as members of the university community, and on the Graduate Student Council, the main social organization for graduate students at Villanova.

This section contains information about research support for graduate students.

Research Support

To support independent research by graduate students, the Dean of Graduate Studies provides assistance in the form of Summer Research Fellowships and Conference Travel Grants.  Additionally, we support CONCEPT: an interdisciplinary journal of graduate studies which affords students the opportunity to publish their work in a peer-reviewed journal while a graduate student at Villanova.

This section contains resources for graduate students at Villanova University.

Student Services

Villanova offers many resources to assist graduate students both in and out of the classroom to encourage a well-rounded and rich graduate experience.

This section contains links to resources and policies for current students.

Academic Policies

Policies serve as a way to ensure the coordination and compliance of University regulations and enhance the University's mission.