Ambassador Program

Are you looking for additional ways to get involved in graduate education on campus?  

Would you like to act as a liaison between the GSC and the students and faculty in your department?

Consider becoming a GSC Ambassador to make the most of your graduate experience and help others!

What is a Student Ambassador?

A position as a GSC Ambassador is a distinguished role that allows you to interact more with the Dean and staff of Graduate Studies while participating in a variety of events on and off campus. GSC Ambassadors help with open houses, graduate fairs, and similar recruitment activities during the academic year. The Dean’s office also forms focus groups of ambassadors so that the Office of Graduate Studies can keep current with what Villanova graduate students want and need.

Who is Eligible to be Considered as a Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors are:

  • Outgoing, responsible and motivated
  • Helpful and willing to work as a creative team
  • Interested in making the most of their Villanova experience while building their resume
  • Eager for opportunities to interact with other graduate students from many different departments
  • Committed to strengthening the graduate student community

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying to become a student ambassador, please email the application and your resume to