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Dissertation and Thesis Form

Please complete the entire form to have the title of the dissertation and/or thesis appear on the academic transcript.

Please use this format: 1/1/2021
Your Student ID (Student ID example: 00654321) can be found by logging into Novasis using your email ID (email ID example: jsmith02). This Student ID should be used on every document or reference that you would normally use for your Social Security Number. For security reasons, Villanova does not use SSN's to identify a student.
Exactly the same as it appears on Title and Approval Pages.

Special Note for Master's Thesis Students ONLY (not doctoral dissertation students): You MUST submit the following two documents (in its original form) either in person or via intercampus mail to Brooke Erdman:

1. Copy of Title Page

2. Original Approval Page(s) with all the required signatures.  You do not need to bring a copy of the dissertation or thesis.