Graduate CLAS Permission to Participate in May Commencement Form

Please read these important notices before completing this form:

  • This form is only intended for use by graduate students in Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • The permission form is for the sole purpose of participating in May Commencement only.  Your name will not appear in the May Commencement program until the following year.  This form is not the Prospective Graduate Form.
  • In order to graduate and receive your diploma, you must register (or re-register) for the graduation term in which you will complete all degree requirements.  For details about completing the Prospective Graduate Form, please click here.
  • This form is for graduate students who plan to complete degree requirements at the end of Summer Sessions, conferral degree date of September 1st.

This form must be submitted by no later than March 31st.  No exceptions will be granted.

Your Student ID (Student ID example: 00654321) can be found by logging into Novasis using your email ID (email ID example: jsmith02). This Student ID should be used on every document or reference that you would normally use for your Social Security Number. For security reasons, Villanova does not use SSN's to identify a student.
Please enter zero if you are not currently taking classes.
Please hit submit and wait a moment for the form to go through. You will be taken to a confirmation page.

Note to Graduate Students:  Full details about Commencement can be found here.  You are responsible for ordering your cap and gown.  Please read the instructions very carefully about ordering cap and gown.  Please click here for cap and gown details..