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Conference Travel Funding

Making the Request

Students who plan to attend a conference to present research related to their graduate program at the University may apply for partial funding from the Graduate Dean's Office. Applicants for funding must complete the Travel Fund Request (to the right), have his/her mentor complete the appropriate section, and pass the form on to the chairperson. The chairperson completes the form and forwards it to the Graduate Dean. All requests for funding must be submitted before the conference takes place. Students are limited to one travel grant in one fiscal year (June 1st - May 31st).

Conferences After Graduation

Travel funding will not be awarded for conferences scheduled after a student graduates.

Policy for Students with N Grade(s) and/or NF Grade(S)

Any student who submits a Student Request for Funding to the Dean’s Office and has incomplete course(s) with N grade(s) and/or course(s) with NF grade(s) on academic transcripts, your request will be held pending successful completion of the course(s) with the N grade.

When the incomplete course(s) are graded (from “N” to letter grade), you must email in order for the Dean to reconsider the travel funding request.

If You're Approved

Applicants will be notified if any funding is available by the Office of the Graduate Dean via email.  Instructions for reimbursement will be included in that email.


If your travel expenses exceed the total amount of your travel award, we are unable to pay you more than what was awarded to you. 

If your travel expenses are less than the total award amount, we will reimburse you for that lower amount rather than the higher requested amount.