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Funding Opportunities in Graduate Studies

Funding Opporunities

There are two types of competitive, merit-based funding available in most graduate programs:

Tuition Scholarships: which provide tuition remission for the total number of courses required for the degree

Graduate Assistantships: which include a stipend along with tuition remission. International students as well as students from the US are eligible for these merit-based funding options.

Presidential Graduate Fellowship for Underrepresented Students

The Presidential Graduate Fellowship for Underrepresented Students provides full tuition remission and a stipend for one year. It is renewable for a second year if the holder of the fellowship remains in good academic standing. 

Graduate Summer Research Fellowship

Graduate Summer Research Fellowships to support graduate student research and scholarship are available every year from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Awards of summer stipends for $1500 (1 month) or $3000 (two months) are granted on a competitive basis.

Tuition Remission and Stipends

Tuition Remission. The Office of Graduate Studies will inform the Bursar's office to credit student accounts each semester.

Graduate Stipends. New students should note that the first stipend disbursement is not made by the University until the end of September, so students must budget accordingly. New Graduate Assistants must fill out several Payroll forms before the beginning of the semester in order to receive their stipend. The Graduate Studies Office will send these forms to each department prior to registration. These forms are to be distributed to the new assistants by the department. Upon receiving and completing these payroll forms, the student should bring them to the Graduate Studies Office. When returning the forms, students will be required to show identification as stipulated on the Federal Government's I-9 form. Once this process is completed, the student's information will be sent by the Dean's Office to the Payroll Office. Until this process is completed, it will not be possible to pay the student stipend.

Tuition Remission for Language Courses. Since graduate students in the Departments of Philosophy and Theology and Religious Studies are required to pass foreign language examinations, students in those programs who hold assistantships or tuition scholarships may receive tuition remission for language courses, under the following conditions:

  • The language course must be taken at Villanova, and taken for credit; tuition remission will not be granted for courses that are audited. (The grade will not be calculated in the graduate GPA and actually appears on a separate transcript because it is undergraduate work.)
  • An individual student may receive up to 6 credits of tuition remission for language courses during the entire duration of the student’s time at Villanova.
  • Students should register for these courses as they do their graduate courses, and must also notify Suzanne Tobin in the Graduate Studies Office of this registration.
  • The language must be one that is required for the program, i.e. the student is required to pass a competency exam in this language.
  • The policy applies to any graduate student in the Departments of Philosophy and Theology/Religious Studies who holds an assistantship or scholarship offered through and funded by the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • For each department, Graduate Studies will support a total of five students per year for a total of 6 credits per student.

How to Apply

Prospective Students. Those not already enrolled in one of the graduate programs in arts and sciences may apply for funding at the time of their application for admission, as part of the online application.

Current Students. Students already enrolled in a graduate program should contact their graduate program director if they wish to be considered for a tuition scholarship or assistantship. In all cases, applications for merit-based funding are reviewed by the faculty in the individual programs, who make the decisions.

We also have information on a few other University programs and offices have a very limited number of graduate assistantships.

* GA and TS Responsibilities.pdf
Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholars Responsibilities