Russia: A Trip of a Lifetime

By Katie Armstrong, participant in 2009 Russian trip

Roosseeah!! The master of ceremonies at the Moscow Circus boomed his country's name into the microphone with drama, pride and enthusiasm. He rolled the "r,"stretched out the "oo," hissed the "s," barely pronounced the "ee," and with a flamboyant hand gesture, held out the "ah" for several seconds. The crowd applauded with their communal clap, whistling and cheering. That was what Russia was all about -- the drama, the dynamics and the pride. Those words describe exactly what Russia embodies... ( more)


Three Week Adventure
By Kathryn Drew

The summer program in Russia, now in its sixth year, will once again introduce Villanova students to Moscow and St. Petersburg starting May 11.  The three-week program is designed to introduce students to Russian culture... ( more)

Contact Information

Dr. Boris Briker, Program Coordinator
Garey Hall 37A