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International Studies

This 3 week, 3-credit program provides an introduction into the richness of Russian culture including history, folklore and customs, fine arts, architecture, theater, and religion. Students will live in two of the world's most fascinating cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Lectures, guest presentations, and discussions will be supplemented by daily excursions. Students will follow in the footsteps of Russia's historical figures and favorite literary characters.

All students will enroll in Russian 3412: Russian Culture in Context. The course is taught in English by Dr. Boris Briker, Department of Classical and Modern Languages. Knowledge of Russian language is not required for this course. The course fulfills one elective toward the Russian Area Concentration Program and a Diversity III requirement.

For more information, please see the description on the Office of International Studies website.


Contact Information

Dr. Boris Briker, Program Coordinator
Garey Hall 37A