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Russian Language and Cultural Studies

The Russian Studies Program offers courses that cover from language study to all aspects of Russia — the history, literature, culture,folklore, music, film, news media, and women’s studies. This allows students to become familiar with Russian culture and society and the life experiences of Russians.  Students also become familiar with Russia through courses on Russian history and politics offered by otherdepartments on campus.

The minor in Russian Langauge and Cultural Studies requires six courses. RUS 1111/1112; RUS 1123/1124; and two courses beyond intermediate level (i.e. RUS 1131/1132).

News & Events

Upcoming Events

Angela Brintlinger
Angela Brintlinger will speak on the 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature recepient Svetlana Alexiewich.

The Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Stuudes will continue our Global Impact Series on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 3pm to 5pm in the Garey Hall Alumni Event Room. The Russian Language and Cultural Studies program will host Dmitry Trakovsky, Director of the film "Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky". 

Russian Course Offerings

RUS 4120-001 The Russian Short Story

RUS 3412-001 TOP: Russian Film

RUS 3412-002 TOP: Adv Rus Stories & Media

A three-week, three-credit undergraduate summer course/program, Russian Culture in Context taught for one week at home at Villanova followed by two weeks in Russia. This is a wonderful opportunity to visit and to study in two of the most exciting cities in the world, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and at the same time earn Villanova credits. Moreover, you will be back home by June 2, 2013, so you still can study, work, or take vacation.

The course serves as one elective towards Russian Area Studies Concentration as well as a general elective. It also fulfills Diversity 3 requirement. The course is taught in English and open to all students. Knowledge of Russian is not required.

This program starts on May 13, 2013 on Villanova campus, and on May 17 or May 18 the group will leave for Moscow. We will spend approximately one week in each city, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Please contact me, Dr. Boris Briker of Institute of Interdisciplinary Global Studies for the flyer, syllabus, and a detailed itinerary, and for an appointment with me to discuss more details. There are also information, syllabus, and lots of pictures here.

More information and the application forms are on the International Studies website.

(Please note: The deadline for submitting is March 1, 2013.  Price is undetermined yet, but last year's price was $4450, and it included everything: Villanova tuition for three-credits' class, round trip airfare to Moscow and from St. Petersburg, food, hotels and dorms, visa preparation, all excursions and field trips, transportation within Russia (overnight train from Moscow to St. Petersburg etc.)

Dr. Boris Briker

Dr. Boris Briker just came back from Chernivtsi, Ukraine, where he participated in the International Festival, Meridian Czernowitz. This festival began five years ago as a series of poetry readings, inspired by the fact that the great German language poet, Paul Celan, was born in and grew up in Chernivtsi (then Czernowitz). Now the festival has evolved into a superb international festival of culture, books and poetry .

It is especially significant now given the bloody conflict on the South-East of Ukraine.  Together with Dr. Briker’s  colleague, Anatoly Vishevsky from Grinnell College, he presented and participated in a public discussion of the book that they compiled and edited, Chernovtsy Tales. They also authored one of the book’s six chapters which featured writers with different styles and a range of genres, the book presents the city, Chernovtsy, during the post-World War II Soviet period. The presentation of the book took place outside, on the main and the most beautiful street of the city.


Dr. Boris Briker along with Russian Minor students, Yolana DuPlessis, Michael Seyer, Jenny Pak, James Cassidy, Matthew Thorp and Lauren McCoy enjoyed the performance of the New York Mertopolitian opera "KHOVANSHCHINA" by Mussorgsky.

Contact Information

Dr. Boris Briker, Program Coordinator
Garey Hall 37A