Career Opportunities in Japan

rachel horton
Rachel Horton (left): Assistant to the Political Section, Mission of Japan to the United States. Started May, 2013

Jobs in Japan

  • Teaching English in Japan-The JET (Japan Exchange Teaching) Program - Japanese Government, also further information, contact the New York - Consulate Generalof Japan, JET Office, Phone: 212.371.8222
    •  Thomas Lenkiewicz, Laura Lovely, Shannon Welch, Vincent Garcia, Christopher Ponge, Anabel Torres            
  • AEON - Inter-Cultural U.S.A. Corporation -Private Language School

Job Opportunities

Study Abroad

  • Kansai Gaidai University in the Spring 2012 - Russel Miller, Shannon Welch, Casey Richards, Christopher Chestnut
  • Sophia University in the Spring 2012 - Aaron Conaway, Jacqueline Alfano