A minor in Arab Language and Cultural Studies requires six courses. ARB 1111/1112; ARB 1121/1122; and two ARB electives. ( 6 courses)

The Arabic Language and Cultural Studies program offers Arabic language and linguistic study, and classical and modern literature and cultural study.  Arabic is the language of a rich culture and civilization dating back many centuries; it is also the language of Islam and the Quran.  This culture has produced such figures as Averroes, the medieval Aristotelian philosopher, Ibn Khaldun, the first social historian, and the modern poet Khalil Gibran. Between the 8th and 15th centuries the volume of literary, scholarly, and scientific book production in Arabic and the level of urban literacy among readers of Arabic were greater than any the world had even known until that time.

Arabic Language and Cultural Studies represents a cutting edge intellectual experience that provides its minors with a real advantage in critiquing, understanding, and navigating the global landscape.

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Dr. Sayed Omran, Program Coordinator
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