GIS 2016 Course Listing

GIS 2000-001 Intro to Global Studies  CRN: 33469

GIS 2293-001Global Studies Internship CRN: 33470

GIS 2996-001Global Studies Internship CRN: 33471

GIS 4281-001 The Tale of Shanghai and Tokyo CRN: 33472

GIS 4282-001 Race & Social Structure:Brazil CRN: 33473

GIS 4283-001 Global Tea Culture CRN: 34961

GIS 6000-001 Independent Study CRN: 33474

GIS 6000 - 002 Independent Study CRN: 33475

GIS 6600 - 001 Thesis Supervision I CRN: 33476

GIS 6601 - 001 Thesis Supervision II CRN: 33477

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