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Change/Declare Major Form

Change/Declare Major to GIS/Specializations, GWS OR PJ For New Students NOT Previously Declared

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is allowing upperclassmen the opportunity to select one of the new majors housed in the Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies listed below. Please review the following important points and address any questions that you may have with your faculty advisor.

  • GIS: Africana Studies (GAFR)
  • GIS: Arab and Islamic Studies (GAIS)
  • GIS: Asian Studies (GASN)
  • GIS: Cultural Studies (GCST) 
  • GIS: Irish Studies (GIST)
  • GIS: Latin American Studies (GLAS)
  • GIS: Russian Area Studies (GRAS)
  • GIS: Individually Designed Specialization (GIDS) - *A separate proposal is required for a GIS: Individually Designed Specialization (GIDS)
  • Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS)
  • Peace and Justice (PJ)

Please read and acknowledge that you understand the following statements before submitting the form.