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Resources for Current Students

MSES Graduate Catalog

To learn more about MSES academic advising, program requirements, and other policies, click here.



For instructions about Graduate Theses, click here.

Guidelines for Completion of Portfolio

Front Matter for Thesis/Capstone

Front Matter for Portfolio


Required Forms

Throughout the course of graduate study, the following forms and documentation will be required, depending on student’s chosen track.  Specific deadlines are indicated in the MSES Graduate Catalog; these should also be discussed with the Program Director and the student’s mentor.  This is a centralized location used to assist students in the MSES Program. 


Forms for Research and Thesis Track

Application for the Research and Thesis Track

Coordination of Advisory Committee

Plan of Study – Research and Thesis Track

Request to Defend Proposal  

Request to Defend Thesis


Forms for Non-Thesis Capstone

Application for Non-Thesis Capstone Track

Plan of Study for Non-Thesis Capstone Track

Request to Present Capstone


Forms for Non-Thesis Portfolio

Plan of Study for the Non-Thesis Portfolio Track

Request to Present Portfolio


Contact Us

Graduate Program Director:

Keith Henderson, Associate Professor

Telephone: 610-519-7907


Office: Mendel Hall, G67F