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Environmental Policy and Management Electives


(Note that these options change each semester, may include special topics courses, and may include courses outside of the Department of Geography and the Environment – a catalog of courses is distributed to Majors and Minors each semester prior to registration).


Selected Topics in Geography and the Environment1

GEV 3000

3 credits

Introduction to Sustainability Studies

GEV 3001

3 credits

Ecosystem Services

GEV 3002

3 credits

Land Use Planning

GEV 3570

3 credits

Natural Resources and Conservation

GEV 3580

3 credits

GIS for Urban Sustainability



GEV 3521

3 credits

Special Topics in Environm Policy2

GEV 4330

3 credits

Environmental Policy & Management

GEV 4331

3 credits

Politics and the Environment

GEV 4333

3 credits

Public Policy

PA 2000

3 credits

Global Corp Responsibility

MGT 2250

3 credits

1 Special topics courses may count for Policy and Management electives depending on course theme. Recent options have included Environmental Law and Growing into Sustainability through Agriculture.

2 Recent options have included Environmental Economics.

Contact Information

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Tel: (610) 519-3336
Fax: (610) 519-3338

Dr. Nathaniel B. Weston

Undergraduate Program Directors:
Dr. Steven Goldsmith (Environmental)
Dr. Stephen Strader (Geography)

Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Keith Henderson


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