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Course Requirements for the Class of 2020-2023 - B.S. in Environmental Science



Required Environmental Science Foundation Courses (12 courses):

Environmental Science I w/ Laboratory (required)

GEV 1050

4 credits

Environmental Science II w/ Laboratory (required)

GEV 1051

4 credits

Environmental Issues Seminar (required)

GEV 4310

3 credits

General Chemistry I w/ Laboratory

CHM 1151/1103

5 credits

Environmental Chemistry w/ Laboratory

GEV 2310

4 credits

Physics I w/ Laboratory

PHY 1100/1101

4 credits

Statistics for Environmental Science1

GEV 3300

3 credits

Calculus I

MAT 1500

4 credits

Introduction to Geo–Techniques w/ Laboratory

GEV 1750

4 credits

Geographic Information Systems w/ Laboratory

GEV 4700

4 credits



39 credits

1 Biostatistics and Experimental Design (BIO 3105), Statistics for Life Sciences (MAT 1313), or Statistical Methods (MAT 4310) may fulfill this requirement.


Required Seminar Courses (3 courses):

Research Colloquium2

GEV 6006

0 credit



0 credits

2 Students are required to take GEV 6006 a total of three times in their Junior and Senior years.


Required Independent Research Courses (2 courses):

Senior Research Seminar

GEV 6005

1 credit

Independent Study (senior project or thesis)3

GEV 6200/6220

3 credits



4 credits

3 Students take either the one-semester Senior Project (GEV 6200; 3 credits) or the two-semester Senior Thesis (GEV 6210 and 6220; 6 credits in which 3 credits count towards free electives) under the mentorship of a faculty member in the Department or a cognate department (i.e., Biology, Chemistry) with permission.


Major Elective Course Requirements (8 courses):

Course Type

Courses required


Environmental Science Laboratory elective


8 credits

Environmental Science and Technology elective


12 credits

Environmental Policy and Management elective


6 credits



26 credits



Core Curriculum (11 courses):

Augustine Culture Seminar (2 courses)4

ACS 1000/1001

6 credits

College Ethics (1 course)

ETH 2050

3 credits

Fine Arts (1 course)


3 credits

Foreign Language (2 courses)


6 credits

History (1 course)


3 credits

College Literature and Writing Seminar (1 course)

ENG 1975

3 credits

Philosophy (1 course)

PHI 1000

3 credits

Theology and Religious Studies (2 courses)

THL 1000

6 credits

Mathematics or Statistics (1 course / met by major)5



Social Science (2 courses / met by major)



Natural Science w/ Lab (2 courses / met by major)





33 credits

4 Students may wish to consider the Environmental Learning Community.

5 Students with AP Calculus credit must take any MAT course at Villanova. The AP course will be counted toward the major requirement.


Free Electives (10 courses):

Any 10 courses


30 credits


Total credits (40 courses at or above 3 credits)                                      132 credits

Contact Information

Department of Geography and the Environment
Suite G67, Mendel Science Center
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085
Tel: (610) 519-3336
Fax: (610) 519-3338

Dr. Nathaniel B. Weston

Undergraduate Program Directors:
Dr. Steven Goldsmith (Environmental)
Dr. Stephen Strader (Geography)

Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Keith Henderson


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