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About Us

The Department of Geography and the Environment was established in 2007

Our department was established as an interdisciplinary academic unit linking the geographic and environmental sciences.  Villanova University is a Catholic Augustinian community of higher education, committed to excellence and distinction in the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge.  The creation and subsequent development of this Department supports and advances this core mission.  The study of the environment and processes that drive spatial patterns of environmental change are especially important to society.  We are witnessing environmental change at a variety of spatial and temporal scales that is perhaps unique in human history.  Clearly, we must come to better understand the scientific processes of the environment to more effectively manage our interaction with natural systems.

Environmental change is driven by natural processes and human interactions with the environment.  There is an immutable link between geography and environmental science.  The study of geography demonstrates that places matter.  Factors of geography such as weather, climate, surface structure, and anthropogenic factors have a compelling influence on the environment. 

Our department emphasizes integrated thinking and learning at the nexus of science, policy, and human behavior so that our graduates will see beyond linear and fragmented approaches to solving environmental problems.  Understanding the complex interactions between people and their environment requires a multidisciplinary perspective, which our Department is uniquely situated to provide!


Department of Geography and the Environment | Fast Facts

  • Students enrolled in department undergraduate programs: 114
  • Tenured Faculty: 5
  • Tenure–Track Faculty: 3
  • Non–Tenure–Track Faculty: 3
  • Adjunct Faculty: 4
  • Research Laboratories: 4
  • Teaching Laboratories: 2


Department Chair:

Dr. Nathaniel B. Weston
Tel: 610-519-8009


Graduate Program

Our gradate program catalog and other resources can be found here.

Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Keith G. Henderson
Tel: 610-519-7907


Master of Science in Environmental Science:

Thesis Option
Non–Thesis Option


Undergraduate Programs


Geography Program

Geography Program Director:
Dr. Stephen Strader
Tel: 610-519-3347

Geography Major
Geography Minor


Environmental Program

Environmental Program Director:
Dr. Steven T. Goldsmith
Tel: 610-519-3589

Environmental Science Major
Environmental Studies Major
Minor in Sustainability Studies


Contact Information

Department of Geography and the Environment
Suite G67, Mendel Science Center
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085
Tel: (610) 519-3336
Fax: (610) 519-3338

Dr. Nathaniel B. Weston

Undergraduate Program Directors:
Dr. Steven Goldsmith (Environmental)
Dr. Stephen Strader (Geography)

Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Keith Henderson


Visit GEV at our official Facebook page. You can see what's new and exciting around the department.

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