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Geography and the Environment Affinity Society (GEV-AS)

The GEV Affinity Society

In anticipation of our 10-year anniversary, the Department has formed an alumni society–– the Geography and the Environment Affinity Society (GEV-AS)––to commemorate our growth and accomplishments and to reconnect and strengthen ties with our alumni.

During the spring 2017 semester, the department invited six committed alumni to campus and launched this new alumni leader and advisory group to expand on our strategic leadership and also to provide all GEV alumni the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the Department’s legacy.

The GEV-AS also aims to connect alumni, current students, and faculty through the establishment and maintenance of an alumni network database and an alumni-student mentorship program.

The current board members for the GEV Affinity Society are:

  • Diane Ditzel, ’08, Geography and Concentration in Environmental Studies
  • Katie O’Gara, 09, Environmental Studies
  • Carla Erskine, ’10, Political Science, Geography, and Concentration in Environmental Studies
  • Timothy Kloeblen, ’10, Environmental Studies
  • Justin Meschter, ’10, Environmental Science and Comprehensive Science
  • Michael Patson, ’11, Environmental Science

See full biographies here:

Contact GEV-AS at
If you want to:
  • Learn more about GEV-AS;

  • Seek to reconnect with fellow alums;

  • Become an active mentor for current GEV students;

  • Stay up to date on GEV Department happenings;

  • Or if you just want to share some of the amazing work you’re doing in your respective field;

… then please contact the GEV–AS.  The GEV-AS is excited to learn about where you’re living and how you’ve been using your GEV education to impact the world around you!


GEV-AS is excited to celebrate the Department’s 10-year anniversary and honor its success in a big way!

That’s why we decided to kick start the Department’s 10-year anniversary with an opportunity for YOU to give back in a BIG WAY.  It only takes a small donation of $10.00 or more! To celebrate the Department’s 10-year anniversary, we’re launching a “$10 for 10” campaign.  All funds raised will support summer research or internship opportunities for a current GEV student. More information on how to donate will follow shortly.

By giving small donation, you will provide much needed financial support to current GEV students, giving them access to necessary supplies and equipment, conference support, housing, and travel assistance for a well-rounded summer work experience.  GEV-AS has pledged a $2,000 matching donation, aiming for a minimum of $5,000 for student support. Give back in a big way, support the $10 for 10 campaign by donating today!

GEV-AS Mentorship Program

Please check back here for more information on how you can get involved in the GEV-AS Mentorship Program, where you can share your professional and personal experience and expertise with current GEV students. By becoming a mentor, you can have a positive impact on students and direct them on a path to success in a variety of fields in academia, government, or private sector professions.  Whether you’re still in the local area and can meet with students in person, or far away and can only communicate by email or phone, you can have formative and lasting effect on young students in the GEV community!

Contact Information

Department of Geography and the Environment
Suite G67, Mendel Science Center
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085
Tel: (610) 519-3336
Fax: (610) 519-3338

Dr. Nathaniel B. Weston

Undergraduate Program Directors:
Dr. Steven Goldsmith (Environmental)
Dr. Stephen Strader (Geography)

Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Keith Henderson


Visit GEV at our official Facebook page. You can see what's new and exciting around the department.

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