Submission of Proposals for External Funding to Support Research, Scholarship or Programmatic Activities


The Office of Grant Development's role is to support you through the grant submission process.  External sponsors include all federal, state, county, and local government agencies; foundations; nonprofit organizations; private corporations; and private groups and individuals that make grant awards to universities, contract with universities, or otherwise enter into agreements with universities to provide funds to support specific projects for the performance of a specific scope of work.

At any point in the conceptualization or preparation of research proposals, you can contact the Director of Grant Development, Lyla Kaplan, to answer your questions and/or assist you in all aspects of the pre-award period. This includes:
 - Searching for funding opportunities
 - Checking sponsor guidelines and eligibility
 - Examining sponsor funding trends and priorities
 - Program and budget development, including cost sharing 
 - Providing document templates and boilerplate language
 - Providing grant writing resources
 - Editing and proofreading the narrative and other documents

Additonal assistance is also available from your grant specialist in the Office of Grant Development (OGC). OGC is the only office on campus authorized to commit Villanova in application for sponsored funding.

Corporate and Foundation Relations should be consulted in the preparation of Federal grants which include collaboration with private industry or foundations. 

Click here for more information on: 
  Research Training and Compliance 
  Crafting the Proposal 
  Developing a Budget 
  Submissions to Private Foundations
  Submissions to Federal Sponsors


Funding Resources

Villanova requires the following to be in place prior to submission: 

  1. CITI Training - Responsible Conduct of Research and Conflict of Interest modules, and other modules as applicable
  2. Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure - for the form, you need to email your request to
    (See Research Training and Compliance for more details)

  3. CAYUSE SP - The Internal submission is due 3-5 DAYS before deadline.The Deployed Research Assitant from OGC can set it up for you. Log in with your Villanova ID and password.

As early as possible, notify your Department Chair and the Director of Grant Development, Lyla Kaplan, of your intent to submit a funding proposal and to provide information about the grant program and funding agency. While not common, some grant programs will accept only a limited number of submissions from the same institution. We can help determine eligibility and if there are any special application conditions that need early attention, such as collaborative projects.

If you are using either human or animal subjects, apply for approval from the Institutional Review Board (for projects involving human subjects) or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) as appropriate. For instructions and contacts, go to Villanova’s Human Subjects IRB or Animal Subjects IACUC.  

If the proposal requires significant institutional support or matching funds, contact Dr. Barry Selinsky, the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, to discuss your needs and the requirements of the funding agency. Please refer to the Cost Matching Policy document on this page for more information.   

You can submit a draft budget and narrative with the sponsor guidelines/access to Lyla for proofreading and to check to make sure you are in compliance with Villanova submission policies.

Lyla can assist with questions pertaining to cost share and requirements for subcontractors.

If there are any university commitments, your Chair and Research Dean should know about them at least two weeks in advance, and this information is included the Caysue SP Internal Submission. 

Cost Matching/Sharing
Requests for commitments include: Space, released time, cash cost sharing (for any expenditure including travel, personnel, equipment, supplies, or any other expenditure for which cash must be expended), in-kind cost sharing (including space, computer costs, personnel, or any other resource which will affect an administrative unit in any way), or waiver of any part of indirect cost. In the Remarks section be sure to include any special needs should the project be selected for award. For example, the PI should request released time in this section or specify any other request which the Department Chair or Dean would have to approve. See the College's Policy on cost matching/sharing.

ORA's Fact Sheet includes the EIN, DUNS, updated IDC rate, release time, rate suggestions, etc.

The lead organization, or “prime awardee,” can pass a budgeted portion of grant funds to the subawardee via a formal contract. 

If you have a subcontract, you will need to upload into your Cayuse SP the subcontractor's: 
·  Statement of Work
·  Budget with their university's IDC rate
·  Budget Justification
·  Subrecipient Commitment Form (Contact office for the document)
·  Subcontractor's Negotiated F&A Rate (usually on the university's website)

If you are the subcontract, you should follow the other institution's submissions procedures. Use Villanova’s IDC rate as part of your subaward budget. You should also include any forms that the other University requests.

Subawardees are governed by the same budgeting, performance and reporting expectations as the lead organization as well as any additional restrictions imposed by the prime awardee via the contract.

The internal submission requires:
- The proposal draft
- Budget (see template for download on this page)
- Budget justification
- Any other documents the application requires

These are done using CAYUSE SPOnce routed and certified by you, it will go on for approval from your Chair and the Associate Dean for Research, and then on to  OGC for review and final approval for submission.  

You will be notified directly by OGC f approval for submission. Federal grants will be submitted directly by OGC. Upon award, someone in the office will be assigned to handle your post-award process. You will need to comply with the sponsor's spending and reporting requirements. Failure to do so can result with the sponsor requesting a return of funds or denying future applications.   

Go to OGC's website for more information and other forms you may need.

Questions should be directed to:
Lyla Kaplan
Director of Grant Development
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
SAC 190
Phone: (610) 519-8411