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Grant Development

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Submission of Proposals - Landing page for the pre-award application submission process, including the internal Villanova submission requirements

   Crafting the Proposal 
   Developing a Budget 
   Submissions to Private Foundations
   Submissions to Federal Sponsors

   Grant application resources - Password protected site that inclues sponsor checklists, boilerplate
         materials and other resources

Research Training and Compliance - Information about regulated requirements

Funding Resources - Including internal Villanova funding resources, search engines and general external funding resources

    Social Sciences

Office of Grants and Contracts - the office on campus authorized to commit Villanova in application for sponsored research.

The identification of funding sources and securing external funding for research is critically important for many of the research efforts in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Office of Grant Development offers assistance to faculty and staff in the preparation and submission of proposals. The services provided include:

  • Working closely with faculty to facilitate efforts to develop and prepare effective and competitive proposals, including budget preparation and proposal ancillary documentation.
  • Identifying potential funding sources using search databases.
  • Providing ‘boilerplate’ material describing the College, facilities and Villanova University to be used in preparing proposals.
  • Editing, and in some cases contributing to, the writing of research proposals.
  • Organizing grant writing workshops, especially for new faculty.
  • Facilitating the preparation and submission of proposals with contributions from multiple Colleges.
  • Providing support as an intercessor to administrators in other Colleges and The Office of Grants and Contracts.

About Lyla Kaplan, Director of Grant Development  
Lyla provides support to faculty in all stages of the grant application process, including identifying funding sources that might match a professor's research interest, assist with the budgeting, editing, formatting, and the submission process. She received her Master of Science in Psychology at Virginia Tech and has a wide array of research experience including cultural anthropology, psychophysiology, medical ethics, and health care policy. She has obtained programmatic grant funding in environmental education, aging in community, and developmental disabilities. 

At any point in the process, please contact her.
Office: SAC 190
Phone: (610) 519-8411