Faculty Website Templates

The Arts and Science IT staff have provided the templates below as a way to help those faculty members who would like to modify their personal website presence, but don't know where to start (in terms of design).

Below are a couple of templates that can be downloaded (from a zip file) to the desktop.  After being download and unzipped, these files can then be uploaded into FrontPage where they can be customized to match the faculty member's individuality.

Some knowledge of Expression Web or another WebDAV connection protocol and HTML editor is required. More info on connecting to Expression Web can be found here.

Arts and Science IT staff can assist faculty in connecting to their website and basic editing tasks, but content for and maintenance of the site are the faculty member's responsibility.

Faculty Website Template - Design 1
Faculty Website Template - Design 1
Faculty Website Template - Design 2
Faculty Website Template - Design 2

Instructions for Installation

Download the zipped folder of the template files from this site to your local desktop

Extract the zip file to a folder

Open up your personal site with FrontPage

Drag the files index.html, default.css and the Images folder to the root of your FrontPage web
NOTE: If you currently have a webpage titled index.html it will prompt you to overwrite, select Yes- if you want it to overwrite your current page (deleting the old), No- if you don't (in which case you can rename your current page and then upload the index.html template file).

Modify the text of templates as necessary (changing name, department, email etc.). When complete click Save.
NOTE: The pages use CSS ("style sheets") which aids with the layout of the page and fonts, etc. It also uses tables. Advanced changes to the templates may require greater HTML knowledge beyond the scope of purpose of these templates).

Uploading your picture (optional): If you would like to display your photo, if must be resized tono wider than 150 pixels. Preferably, it should be resized to the correct size 1st using Microsoft Picture Manager or Photoshop 1st and then uploaded into your site.

Linking your Complete CV (optional): If you would like to have your CV downloadable from your website; you 1st must convert it to Adobe PDF format (simply open it in Word, click Print and select Adobe PDF as your printer). Once in PDF format, drag the file into your FrontPage web. Next you need to highlight the PDF icon and "Download Complete CV" text on the webpage, and hyperlink it to your PDF in your FrontPage web.  

Original Template design by Meet Doshi and used with permission.

* design1.zip
Faculty Website Template - Design 1 Download
* design2.zip
Faculty Website Template - Design 2 Download