CLAS Printing


Enables faculty, staff and students to submit all their digital files right from their desktop, laptop, home office or virtually anywhere there is web access.  iPRINT is a totally secure, web based, print submission utility. To assure the safest environment, iPRINT's server resides behind dual firewalls and is SSL encrypted by VeriSign.  Visit the iPRINT website for more information. 

Instructions for using iPRINT are below.

Secure Print on Department Multifunction Printers

If you don’t want your confidential or private documents to be left in the output tray, open for viewing, or even taken by someone else, Secure Print allows you to control the print timing of your documents.  Instructions for using Secure Print on both Xerox and Canon Department Multifunction Printers are below.  

Graphic Services

Graphic Services has 2 full service print locations to support the printing and graphic requirements of faculty, staff and students. They use the latest technology available in the industry, including digital color, offset printing, and wide format graphics. We also provide a variety of services which include:

  • Web Based print submission - iPRINT  which is the fastest and easiest way to submit most digital print orders.
  • High Speed B&W and Digital Color copies
  • Variable Data and Matched Mailings
  • Signs, Posters, and Banners on a variety of substrates
  • Full service bindery operations - Folding, Cutting, Book binding
  • Mounting and Laminating
  • Stationery - Order via iPRINT - Letterhead, Envelopes, Notepads, Business Cards,  Certificates and Invitations
  • Specialty Printing - Post-its, Folders, Foil Stamping, Die Cutting
  • Mailing Services

Visit the Graphic Services website for more information.

Local USB Printer Policy

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is no longer permitting the purchase of USB printers for personal use.  

Existing Printers

  • Toner may be purchased for an existing printer for the duration of the printer's lifespan.  
  • Printers under warranty will be replaced with a warranty claim.  Printers not under warranty will be recycled.  

Personal Purchase of USB Printer

  • Support will be provided by CLAS IT as long as the printer is purchased from an approved list of printers. Email for assistance with purchasing a personal USB printer.  
  • The toner purchases must be made by the faculty member who made the printer purchase.  
  • The printer must be registered and placed under warranty with the faculty member who made the purchase.  

XSE - Printer Ordering

XSE is the preferred vendor for all new printers. All printers purchased from XSE are network printers. Details about printer purchasing can be found on UnIT's website.


VPrint is the new easily accessible and convenient public printing system available for all Villanova students, staff, and faculty. More details can be found on UnIT's website.