Scantron ParSystem®

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**Please note that it is suggested that users take advantage of Blackboard's Online Testing/Grading system.**

Scantron’s ParSystem® is available to the College.

It features expanded reporting capabilities, the ability to grade a variety of forms, and the ability to integrate with ParTEST.  The integration with ParTEST allows users to create tests from stored databanks and create multiple versions of the same test. 

This module also integrates with the ParTEST ONLINE letting users administer tests either over the web or over a LAN based network.

ParSCORE can be used as a stand-alone process, much as the former system was, but with some important differences. Besides the expanded reporting capability, users can have an assistant do the physical scanning of tests, and then access the results for further review and evaluation in their offices.

At present, only one kind of form can be read by the scanner (ScanMark ES 2260) located in the basement of St. Augustine Center, room 18.  They are form number F-17355-PAR-L. The new forms can be ordered from the Scantron Online Store.  Villanova University's existing customer number is 00324847.  Please use this customer number when ordering forms online.


ParScore® interfaces with your Scantron Scanner for computerized test scoring and test analysis. ParSCORE also offers record keeping, automatic scoring, grade book flexibility, attendance tracking and extensive reporting and analysis options. When used in conjunction with each other, these features can assist instructors in aligning assessment and curriculum to meet state standards.

To begin the process users will need to contact CLAS IT to have an account created.  Then it is recommended that users download and look at the instructions below made by the Arts and Sciences IT Coordinators.