Computer Recycling Request Form

Please use the following form to submit computer recycling requests to the CLAS IT Department.  

ONLY COMPUTERS will be picked up by CLAS IT.  Upon pickup, computers are taken directly to UNIT's Hardware team for hard disk destuction.  No data will be backed up, the hard disk will be destroyed.  Please make sure that computers for recycling are clearly marked.

ALL OTHER EQUIPMENT (monitors, keyboards, mice, etc.) should be picked up by facilities.  A facilities work order can be submitted using the instructions and form found here.


Contact Information

Computer Information

The builiding where the equipment can be found.
The room number where the equipment can be found.
The five digit number on the assigned VU Tag (i.e. VU11111).
If any item is over 20lbs, please provide a description in the additional details field.
By checking the box above, I acknowledge that the computer for recycling is clearly marked.

Additional Details

If you have additional instructions for us, please enter them here.