Computer Accessory Request Form

CLAS IT strives to consistently meet the needs and expectations of CLAS IT Faculty and Staff.

Please use this form to submit requests for computer accessories to the CLAS IT Department. Some are free upon request; others must be ordered with departmental approval.

Requests concerning major expenditures (such as a new computer or monitor) should be submitted via the Computer Hardware Purchase Request Form

Please email CLAS IT with any feedback on this form.


Please enter the model and operating system of your computer
Please enter the operating system of the computer you will be using this device with
Would you like assistance in setting up a Time Machine backup?
Please enter the size of the drive you would like to buy, or "Not Sure" if unsure
Do you have any specific requirements for this mouse or keyboard?
How long do you need the network cable to be? (in feet)
How long do you need the cable to be? (in feet)
You need one output port for every device you intend to connect to the switch
Please list your requirements
We only stock USB cables designed for computer accessories. Cables designed for handheld devices can be found at the bookstore. For more information see
Please enter the make and model of your device
See for more information:
Please explain the details of your request
This is NOT the VU Tag. Typically found on the bottom of the laptop.

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I acknowledge that I have obtained Departmental Approval for the hardware I am requesting via this form.

Acknowledgment and Funding Information

Additional Notes

If you have feature requests not listed elsewhere on the form, any order details you would like to provide, or would like consultation on your purchase, please put your request here.

Please only click the Submit button once.  It takes some time for the form to process.  Thank you.