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General Tech Support

How do I reset my VU password?

Visit UnIT's password reset form to reset your password

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How can I manage my web presence through Villanova?

Villanova provides several opportunitiies for faculty and staff members to maintain their web presence. The first is the bio page, a webpage that can be reached from your departmental websites and modified via the University Bio Tool.

For more customized options, the University also provides WebDAV-accessible web hosting, for those who are familiar with WebDAV content editing tools. To make editing easier for those unfamiliar with HTML, CLAS IT provides customizable templates for convenience.

Finally, for faculty members of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who want both customization and useability for their personal homepage, CLAS IT maintains its own web hosting server that supports advanced CMS editors such as Wordpress and Joomla. You can request your own website using the CLAS Web Hosting form.

All class-related materials should be hosted on Blackboard. Except for faculty bios, the departmental pages are maintained individually by each department.

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Event Submissions

How do I advertise events on campus electronically?

There are four main ways of advertising campus events: the campus event calendar, digital signage, Campus Currents, and the Wildcat Newswire. Support for all of options is available through our website.

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How do I submit campus events to the campus event calendar?

See the Campus Event Submission Instructions, provided by UnIT.

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How do I submit event advertisments to be made into digital signage?

See this article about submitting digital signage event advertisements.

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Faculty Resources

Does the University support Scantron documents?

For the present year, Villanova University and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences still supports Scantron. More details can be found on our Parsystem webpage.

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I'm a researcher who would like network storage for my lab. What are my options?

For more information on our network storage program, see our Research Storage Request Form.

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Does the University have a purchasing program for personal equipment?

Dell offers a special program for University members that allows faculty and staff to purchase home computers at a discount. See the Dell University Program page for more details.

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