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Conference Rooms

The CLAS Conference Rooms are administered by the the Office of the Dean.  For any assistance with scheduling, please contact Elaine Lamberto.

All technical requests can be directed to CLAS IT.


Seating Capacity: 32, Default Set-Up is Conference Style
If using an alternate set-up other than conference style, please submit a work order for Facilities to arrange the room to your desired set-up and, have the room set back to the default conference style when your meeting is finished.  Please allow at least 3-4 days’ notice when submitting a work order.

*Please remember to turn off all lights and close the door when leaving.  Thank you!

Technology: Projector, Whiteboard
If you are unsure how to connect to the projector via HDMI please contact:
For assistance with the equipment (i.e.a blown projector bulb) please contact the AV Helpline (610) 519-5631.   

Schedule this room.  Please note: The SAC 300 Conference Room will be unavailable to reserve beginning in January 2022 until further notice.  It is being utilized for an alternate purpose per the approval of Dean Lindenmeyr.  If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Hinds.

Conference room with a single conference table that can seat about sixteen people, and a TV at the far end

Seating Capacity:  32

Please Note:  *Food and drink are not permitted in the Fedigan Room

*Please remember to turn off all lights and close the door when leaving.  Thank you!

Technology: As of Fall 2021, the technology in this room is being decommissioned and the room can no longer be used for video conferencing.

Schedule this room.

SAC East Side Courtyard

Please Note:  Departments are responsible for their own signage, set-up prior to and clean-up after their event. 

Please keep in mind that the courtyard furniture is only available for use during the months of April through October.   

Schedule this space.

Mendel 103 Conference Room

Capacity: 29

This conference room does not currently have a whiteboard.  You would need to bring your own flip chart to use in this meeting space.

For assistance with the equipment please contact the AV Helpline (610) 519-5631.

Schedule this room.

zoom cart

The SAC Mobile Web Conferencing cart is available for loan from CLAS IT and will be delivered to any department conference room in the St. Augustine Center upon request.  

Please book the cart at least a half hour (30 minutes) before the start of your web conference to allow for setup time. *It is required that the meeting host meet with CLAS IT at this setup time.*  Only CLAS Faculty and Staff can reserve the cart.

The cart comes with a computer and webcam. It runs Windows 10, runs the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Powerpoint, etc) and can access OneDrive documents. Skype is available using the cart, but Zoom is recommended.

Schedule SAC Mobile Web Conferencing Cart

Meeting Owl Pro in use

View a brief introduction to the Meeting Owl Pro.

If you would like to request an Meeting Owl, please visit the page below to complete a request for the Meeting Owl Pro:

Meeting Owl Pro Request Form

Please note:  The Meeting Owl Pro can only be reserved for a maximum of 3 days.