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ethics minor

The Ethics Program offers an ethics minor that is open to all undergraduate students at Villanova University. The rationale for this academic program is based on two pillars. First, Villanova University prides itself on presenting an educational alternative built around a clear ethical core, in particular, the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Minor Enrollment Form

OUS declaration froms can be found in MyNova and must be completed and submitted electronically.

An ethics minor allows students to pursue the study of ethics explicitly and in depth as part of their undergraduate education but without committing to the more extensive demands of a concentration. This minor contributes directly to the mission of the university. Second, a focus on ethics not only benefits students’ intellectual and moral development and contributes to the public perception of the university but also has tangible benefits for students as they apply for graduate studies, fellowships, and jobs on completion of their studies.

Ethics concentrators suggest that their concentrations in ethics have been of significant value as they compete for these and other opportunities. An ethics minor may also prove beneficial to students as they seek to impress on the world beyond Villanova University just what makes a Villanova education (and the students it produces) uniquely attractive.

Minor Form-Class of 2023 forward

The courses in Theology & Religious Studies, Philosophy, Humanities & Augustinian Traditions, the Center for Peace & Justice Education and the Honors Program that will count toward the ethics minor will be courses taught by either ethicists whose graduate study prepared them as such or by those who have become ethicists as a result of their research and teaching history. Contact the director for more information.

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Minor in Ethics Application