Politics and Law

P.O. Box 21373
York, PA  17402
Contact Person: Kathleen Lucas (klucas@padp.org)
Website: www.padp.org

Description: Involvement in political action against the death penalty, including advocacy for the families of death row inmates.

Contact Person: Andrea Meals:  andrea.meals@law.villanova.edu


Description: Multiple clinics involoved in a range of legal resources for those in need. The Civil Justice Clinic provides a range of legal services to low income clients. The Clinic of Asylum, Refugee and Immigrant Services represents people seeking asylum in the United States. The Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic represents farm workers in work camps near Reading and Kennet Square, PA. The Juvenile Justice Clinic represents juveniles in Delaware County. The Federal Tax Clinic represents low-income clients in tax matters.

1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320
Philadelphia, PA  19107
Contact Person: Sherry Hunter (shunter@cccvs.org)
Website: www.cccvs.org/index.html


Description: Offers support to victims of crime in center city. Court Coordinator and Victims' Advocate. Good chance to get a close up view of the workings of the courts.

Contact Us

Questions/Concerns contact:
Brett Wilmot, Ph.D.
Associate Director/Service Coordinator
Ethics Program
Villanova University
Phone: 610-519-7197

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Ethics and Health Care
Ethics, Economics and Public Policy
Ethics, Politics and Law
Ethical Issues in Science, Technology and the Environment

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Villanova Office for International Studies for international opportunities*

The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership*

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