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General Information


The concentration provides four different tracks to accommodate different academic and professional interests. Each student in the concentration selects one of four tracks and takes ETH 2050, two required track courses, two additional electives from that track, and ETH 4000. Concentrators must also fulfill the service requirement.  A grade of C or better in ETH 2050 is usually required to apply for an ethics concentration. 

Students should declare their intention to complete the concentration by the end of fall semester of their junior year. Submit the form below to the Ethics Program office (SAC 104).

Students, also, need to complete the declaration form for The Office of Undergraduate Students which can be found in the OUS Declaration Forms link below.

OUS declartion forms can be found on My Nova and must be completed and submitted electronically.

Course Requirements

Service Requirement*

The mission of Villanova University is to provide an educational environment that is committed to the Augustinian ideal of enlargement of the mind and heart. As a Catholic, Augustinian University, Villanova takes in account the gospel preference for the poor and the sacredness of all creation. Volunteer service for the concentration is defined in terms of work with poor, marginalized members of our society and/or service related to building a sustainable world environment. Each student must complete 100 hours of service for the concentration. These 100 hours must be completed at a site approved by the service coordinator of the Ethics Program. Required service may be done at the same site or at several different sites.

Each site is judged in accord with the following criteria:

1) the service engages the students in issues related to the chosen track of study
2) the service and site do not contradict the values of Villanova’s Roman Catholic and Augustinian identity
3) the service enables the student to have direct contact with the population being served

Normally, the service requirement is completed during the academic year. However, service can be done over breaks or in the summer. It is also possible to do service work while studying abroad. There are many alternatives to satisfying the service requirement. The service coordinator is the final arbiter of whether or not a site or option is acceptable, so an effort should be made in advance of the service work to get approval from the service coordinator if there is any question about the appropriateness of the service site.

Students are permitted to count up to 40 hours of general service toward this requirement regardless of their chosen track as long as the service is for an underserved population or an endangered ecosystem and satisfies criteria (2) and (3) above. Students in Villanova's Service Learning Community (SLC) who want to pursue an Ethics Concentration can count 40 hours toward the service requirement for whichever track they choose. A letter from the director of the SLC indicating full participation on the part of the student is all that is required to document these hours. All concentrators must complete at least 60 hours of service at sites that meet the 3 criteria listed above.

Service Coordinator: Brett Wilmot, Ph.D.,  610-519-7197

*Students are advised to have completed their service requirement prior to the beginning of their final semester, though hours can be completed during their final semester as well.

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