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2018 Praxis Award in Professional Ethics

The Ethics Program in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences will present the 2018 Praxis Award in Professional Ethics to Ms. Wendy Ruderman and Ms. Barbara Laker.

These Philadelphia journalists exemplify the kind of ethical professionalism that the Praxis Award is meant to celebrate. In addition to fulfilling the ethical standards of their profession in their ongoing journalistic endeavors, Ruderman and Laker were awarded with the Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Journalism in 2010 for their work on police corruption in the city of Philadelphia. They faced numerous challenges in getting this story out to the public, but they persevered. In doing so, they presented us with an excellent example of the kind of professional integrity and service to the common good that we want to recognize with the Praxis Award in Professional Ethics. This kind of journalism is one of the foundations of a free and just society, and at a time when the press is under increasing attack and scrutiny for their work on social and political topics at the heart of civic life, it is a great opportunity for us to affirm the importance of journalism and the value of journalists like Ruderman and Laker.This year’s award was presented Wednesday, April 4, 2018.  

View the presentation here.

What is the Praxis Award?

The Ethics Program of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences inaugurated the Praxis Award in Professional Ethics on March 28, 2007. This award highlights and celebrates the contributions of a professional or an academic in the field of professional ethics. To be considered, a nominee need not fulfill all of the criteria listed below. Recognizing excellence in one or more of these areas, however, is the objective of the award.

A nominee should demonstrate evidence of excellence by:

  • Embodying the ethical ideals of a particular profession
  • Connecting work in a profession to a broader understanding of the common good
  • Promoting ethical integrity in a professional field
  • Conducting research in the field of professional ethics
  • Influencing the field of professional ethics in a positive manner through writing, teaching, consulting, and/or professional leadership