Student Ethics Symposium 2017

The Student Ethics Symposium is one of the events held during Parent's Weekend.

Subcommittee for the Ethics Symposium

  • Jeffrey Morgan , PhD(Chair)
  • Mark Wilson PhD
  • Katherine Eltringham, PhD


2017 Symposium Presenters

  • Brianna Plush

"On Tom Regan's Animal Rights"

  • Corina Scott

"Substantial Aggression and the Iraq War"

  •  Elle Lynott

"Utilitarianism, Kantian Theory, and theEnvironment"

  • Emily Bouley

"Down with Discrimination: Unethical Genetic Selection Against Down Syndrome"

  •  Gerard Stanus

God’s Relevance in Ethics: A Defense of Christian Humanism in the Three-Cornered Debate

  • Kathryn Hodkins

"The Reduction of Christianity in the Social Justice Framework"

  •  Joseph Splendido

"China’s Child-limiting Policies are Unethical and Should Be Banned"

  • Margaret Chorlian

"Interventions in Syria"

  • Meagan Leverone

"The Ethics Surrounding Concussions in the National Football League"

  • Ritesh Karsaliz

"Voluntary Active Euthanasia: Bestowing Freedom to Reduce Suffering"

  • Valli Mani

"The Dead Donor Rule: What It Is and Why It Should be Abandoned"

  • Matthew Wegrzyn


  • William Summers

"Greek Life is Corrupt, But Who is Responsible and How Can it be Changed?"

  • Yidi Jiao

"Excercising Reason to Judge Well"

  • Yulin Yang                                                                                                                               

"The Tragedy of The Commons"

Congratulations to Joseph Splendido winner of the Augustine of Hippo Award and Margaret Chorlian winner of the Excellence in Research Award.