Student Ethics Symposium 2019

The Ethics Symposium will take place on Saturday, September 28, 2019 in Driscoll Hall, Room 240.  Breakout sessions will take place in Driscoll 221, 223, 225.


The Student Ethics Symposium is one of the events held during Parent's Weekend.

Subcommittee for the Ethics Symposium

  • Audra Goodnigt , PhD(Chair)
  • Mark Wilson, PhD
  • Allison Covey, M.A.


2019 Symposium Presenters

  • Declan Carolan                                                                                                                              

   "Our Moral Obligations to People With Disabilities and Fulfillment of that Obligation"

  • Meghan Conway
"Faux Leather Jackets:  Ethics of animal-free leather biofabrication:
  • Diego Colonna

"Imprisoned Ethics:  The Failure to Provide Basic Human Goods and Happiness to Incarnerated Human Beings"   

  • Michele Ferrer

"A Critical Debate on The Complexity of Minority Culture:  Susan Moller Okin and Dolores S.  Williams"

  • Patrick LaBella           

"An Argument in Favor of Inclusinve Classrooms"                                                 

  • Julie Linneman

"Ethical Considerations of Genetically Engineering Addiciton"

  • Grant McLean

"Laudato "C":  How Pope Francis and Other Scholars Address the Rising Concerns of Carbon Usage"

  • Samantha Mills

"The Immorality of Vagrancy Laws:  Their Disregard for the Dignity of the Homeless as Demonstrated Through Catholic Social Teaching, Deontology & Compassion"

  • Erin Monacci

"Enough is Enough:  The Ethical Implications of Excessive Meat Production"

  • Katherine Neville

"Nothing (Dis)abled About It"

  • Kendyl Ryan   

"Tippecanoe and Information Too:  The Ethics of Uninformed Voting"

  •  Taiya Sharif

"On Our Responsibility to the Drug Addicted"

  • Hannah Weiss

"Maternal-Fetal Vital Conflicts"

  • Grace Wittenberg

"Let it Go"


Congratulations to the winners!

Diego Colonna

Michelle Ferrer

Taiya Sharif