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Current Course Offerings

We are very proud of the variety and quality of courses we offer each semester in the English Department.  The members of the English faculty are constantly refining and updating their courses, as well as designing new courses that reflect the latest trends within the discipline.

For the complete list of current courses, with full descriptions, click on the titles below.

Descriptions of English courses (English 2000-5000): Spring 2020

Descriptions of English Core Literature and Writing Seminars (English 1975): Spring 2020

Descriptions of Perspectives in Literature (English 1842): Spring 2020

Descriptions of The Literary Experience (English 1050): Spring 2020

Gregory Pardlo
Poet Gregory Pardlo, winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize, meeting with students in the Literary Festival course. Photo by English major Kristina Sumfleth.
Shakespeare performance
Prof. Alice Dailey's students in "Shakespeare in Performance" studied The Merchant of Venice for an entire term, and finished the course with a production of the play.