Advising and Registration

Every English major has an English faculty member as an advisor.  If there is a faculty member with whom you'd like to work in shaping your curriculum, you can ask that he or she serve as your advisor.  Before registering each semester you meet with your advisor to discuss your schedule for the coming term.  See also our Guide to Advising.

For a list of advisors and their contact information, see below.

Academic Advisors

Name, with e-mail link

Phone (610-519-xxxx)


Earl Bader x4652 SAC  471
Michael Berthold x4630 SAC  465
Ellen Bonds x4657 SAC  453
Charles Cherry   SAC  464
Alice Dailey   SAC  470
Heather Hicks
x4645 SAC  402
Karyn Hollis
Director, Concentration in Writing & Rhetoric
x7872 SAC  458
Jean Lutes   SAC  457
Megan Quigley   SAC 459
Evan Radcliffe
x4648 SAC  454
Jody Ross x3047 SAC 472
Lisa Sewell
Co-director, Women's Studies
x4646 SAC 485
Lauren Shohet   SAC  463