For Teachers

Villanova offers a 20% tuition discount if you teach in a public or private school, and a 40% discount reduction if you teach at a Catholic school.

In the Villanova Graduate English Program, we love teachers!  We have enthusiastically welcomed teachers into our program since its creation in the early 1950s.  Each year some of the brightest and most ambitious English teachers in the Philadelphia area pursue our degree in order to enrich their understanding of their subject matter and enhance their pedagogical repertoire.  If you are a certified teacher, our program also helps you to meet the requirements of Act 48 and to achieve the official designation of “Highly Qualified Teacher.”  The GRE requirement will be waived for teachers with a teacher certification.

Our program offers the flexibility that you need as a teacher.  All of our two-hour seminars classes are held in the evening, at 5:20 pm or 7:30 pm, to accommodate your work schedule.  If you wish, you may pursue the program part-time on a schedule that is comfortable for you.  You will also have opportunities to complete coursework during the summer months. 

Our MA curriculum schedule fits well with the teaching schedule and lifestyle.  If you prefer an additional pedagogical emphasis, we welcome you to pursue the teaching track within our program.  This track permits you to do the following:

(1)  Take two courses in the Education program as part of your English MA studies.

(2)  Design final seminar paper topics in two of your classes that address pedagogical issues related to the course materials.

(3)  Develop your thesis or field examination topic in line with your pedagogical interests.

If you have questions or would like to talk to a teacher who is currently in the program or has recently completed it, please contact the Graduate Director, Dr. Evan Radcliffe.

For more information about how Villanova works with teachers, and for recent alumni testimonials, visit the page Villanova Loves Teachers!

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