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Adam Hembree

Adam Hembree Photo

Villanova's English MA has provided me with several key experiences that I consider vital to my next steps as an academic. First, it has given me a balanced exposure to both my area of focus (Renaissance/Early Modern) and a diverse collection of other periods and critical schools, including Postmodernism, Ecocriticism, Affect Theory, and Irish Drama. As a Research Assistant and Graduate Assistant, I have also had the opportunity to tutor undergraduate and graduate students through the writing process, as well as engage in professional academic research for a professor publishing in my area of study. The Teaching Internship program has allowed me to the chance to get in front of an upper-level undergraduate literature class and experience college pedagogy firsthand. I have found the faculty to be incredibly supportive of my attempts to be a better writer and teacher. They are also just engaging, learned, and considerate people, as are the students who have experienced these two years with me. I feel fortunate to have landed here. 

Christine Lairson

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After earning my BA in English literature with a leadership certification in December of 2012, I spent a semester substitute teaching in New Jersey. At Villanova, I indulge my inner Anglophile, immersing myself in British literature, especially the emergence of the novel and feminist writers. I work as a Peer Reviewer on Concept, Villanova's graduate journal, blog for the undergraduate departmental blogspot, and will be developing my pedagogical skills under the supervision of Dr. Alice Dailey as a TA in the fall. I enjoy the camaraderie of the English department, the challenging seminars, and planning all of the fun events, such as Shakespeare's 450th birthday party!

Samantha Vitale

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I would like to preface this by saying that Villanova has exceeded my expectations for a Master's program; course offerings are diverse, faculty members are supportive, and my colleagues in the program are welcoming. I could not be happier with my assistantship position, working as a tutor at the Writing Center and aiding Dr. Deborah Thomas with her own research. From the beginning, my intention in pursuing this degree has been to prepare for a PhD, and Villanova certainly has offered me the resources to that end: the English department graciously funded a conference I attended in February, and the Graduate School has provided me with a summer research grant. While the program accommodates all kinds of student interests--one of my good friends is an international student from China studying computer science and literature--it does not neglect those looking for PhD preparation. At times, I lament the fact that Villanova does not offer its own PhD option; it is going to be difficult to leave. 

Lee Nevitt

Lee Nevitt Photo

If I could distill the essence of what makes the Villanova English Graduate Program a great place for higher learning, it would be this: the deep care and commitment that the professors show on a daily basis for their students.  Whether it is in or outside the classroom, my professors take an interest in how I learn, and how that learning shapes the world I make for myself and for others. A particularly meaningful example of this was a paper that I wrote for a Modernism class with Dr. Megan Quigley on homosexuality and mourning in Mrs. Dalloway and The Good Soldier. After the class was over, Dr. Quigley still met and talked with me about how I could move forward and improve my paper, and, with her help, it later won the Best Graduate Essay prize at the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Conference.

Samantha Sorensen

Samantha Sorensen Photo

I’m your run-of-the-mill graduate student: fueled by caffeinated beverages, working two jobs, considering sleep a luxury, and trying to stay afloat in the daily grind. Villanova’s English department has helped me grow tremendously over the past year, academically and personally. The ability to explore interdisciplinary connections between disciplines always played a role in my studies, and Villanova continues to encourage that relationship. My experience at Villanova has sharpened my critical skill set and helped me to ascertain and develop my specific interests in literature and philosophy.

Theodora Sakellarides

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I graduated from college in May of 2012 and enrolled as a full-time English graduate student at Villanova in Fall 2012. I will graduate in May 2014 with my M.A. degree, and I can say with absolute certainty that Villanova was nothing more than an overwhelmingly positive experience. Coming from a private liberal arts undergraduate institution, I was used to intimate classroom environments, a small student-to-faculty ratio, and a close-knit academic community--all of which I found in abundance in this program. The school offered me myriad of invaluable opportunities: As a full-time graduate student in the English department as well as a Graduate Assistant in the Gender Studies department, I was able to pursue two of my longtime greatest passions--intellectualism and activism--all while completely funding my education. I was granted the unique chance to serve as a T.A. in an undergraduate class directly related to my own work in African-American literature. I was mentored by supportive faculty whose scholarship continually challenged, enhanced, and inspired my own. I pursued some fascinating projects and presented research at multiple conferences--one of which was completely funded through Graduate Studies. I developed close friendships with my classmates and learned the true feeling of solidarity that comes with belonging to a vibrant intellectual community. The professional and personal experiences that I gained in my two-years at Villanova are ones that I will carry with me for the rest of my life--both within and far beyond the walls of academia. 

Katharine McIntyre

Katharine McIntyre Photo

I am excited to start my second year as a Villanova Graduate English student. After graduating from college in December of 2009, I spent three years in a customer service and inside sales role before working up the courage to apply to grad school. Villanova has been a fantastic place to study. The department is very welcoming, and it is easy to get to know both your professors and your fellow students. As I focused on the English Romantics in undergrad, I will continue that interest into my work here through an independent study and into my thesis. Outside of academic work, I am in love with the city of Philadelphia and Villanova's close proximity to its independent concerts, excellent food, and cultural events.

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