Recent Employers

When you graduate with an English major from Villanova, a wide range of careers is open to you, just as it has been for those before you.  Below is a sampling of the jobs of recent Villanova graduates who majored in English.

Employer Position
Key Bank of New York General Counsel
Batterymarch Financial Management Marketing Research Manager
Washington Univ. PhD Candidate/Instructor
Fordham Univ. Law School Student
U.S. Army [not given]
Raymond Karsan Associates [not given]
Martin Luther King High School Teacher
Edocs Sales Representative
Fortis Investors [not given]
Community College of Philadelphia Instructor
Elizabeth Seton High School English Teacher
Miller Freeman Inc. Assistant editor Contract Design
Warren Middle School English Teacher
Chase Manhattan Bank Global Banking Associate
Staten Island Mental Health Society Social Worker/Therapist
Cline Davis & Mann Team Support Manager
[not given] Teacher
Rodgers, Menard & Coppola LLP Attorney
Dirks & Co., Inc. Investment Banker
Fred R. Haines Associates Attorney
Miller/Shandwick Technologies Account Executive
Town of Vail Police Officer
Barry Waste Services & Recycling President
Corporation for Public Broadcasting Government Relations
Rutgers Univ. Graduate Student
SUNY at Stony Brook Instructor/Teaching Assistant
Amana Inc. Account Development Manager
Southern Methodist Univ. Systems Specialist
Saretsky, Katz, & Dranoff, LLP Attorney
Teachers’ College, Columbia Univ. Development/Alumni Office
Cathedral Chapel School Teacher/Vice Principal
Realty I.Q. Commercial Sales and Marketing
[not given] Teacher
Faith In Action, Czech Republic Photographer
NYU Graduate Student
Surgent and Associates Marketing Coordinator
Gallo Sales Co. District Manager
Whitman Breed Abbot & Morgan Associate
AIG Insurance Representative
Cahners Travel Group National Travel editor
[not given] Assistant Account Representative
Holy Trinity School Principal
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Copy Editor