Profiles of Recent Alumni

In addition to those alumni featured in Careers for English Majors, each month a recent alumnus or alumna is profiled in the English department blog.

Maggie Mallon

Maggie Mallon, Class of 2010

Occupation:  Senior Digital Producer at Glamour

Major:  English.  Minor:  Political Science. Concentration: Writing and Rhetoric

What do you do?  "My daily responsibilities involve updating the homepage and channel pages, as well as building new editorial content. I work closely with the site developers to test new site features and work to create original HTML/CSS-based pages. I also write for the site, contributing most frequently to Glamour's political/current events blog 'The Conversation' and the entertainment blog 'Obsessed.'"

Why did you choose to major in English at Villanova?  "Like most English majors, I always loved reading and writing. I chose to major in English because I wanted to hone my analytical skills and develop my voice. In addition to the core classes, the department offered a diverse selection of electives that would allow me to explore my interests, be it magazine writing, newspaper journalism, or travel writing; these offerings were integral in my decision."

What was the best part of your experience at Villanova?  "I loved being an editor of The Villanovan and being the news director of WXVU. Aside from being my favorite extracurricular activities, they were both creative multimedia outlets that afforded me invaluable editorial and leadership experience--experience that I've used in every professional role I've taken on since graduating."

Did you receive any help from other Villanova alumni in developing your career?   I basically owe my current job to English alum Jackie Lebowitz. Jackie was a guest speaker during my Writing for Magazines class in the fall of 2009, and I stayed in touch with her during my senior year and after graduation. I was freelancing at Details when she recommended me for an assistant to the editor-in-chief opening at Glamour. Though I didn't get that job, I did end up with the contact information for the online editorial director at Glamour. When they had an opening for an online producer position a few months later, I interviewed and got the job. I’ve been at Glamour ever since."

Because I majored in English at Villanova . . .  "I'm able to utilize the analytic skills I gained as an undergraduate in my daily life. I really can't overstate how important both strong critical-thinking and writing skills are in the professional world."


Christine Guerrini

Christine Guerrini, Class of 2009

Occupation:  Marketing Specialist--Social Media, Aramark Higher Education

UPDATE:  Christine is now a Communication Associate, focusing on University Advancement, with the Villanova Office of University Communications and Marketing.

Major:  English.  Concentrations:  Honors, Writing and Rhetoric

What she does:  "In this position, I am challenged to explore innovative social marketing strategies for the college audience, scale those strategies across our portfolio of over 300 colleges, and provide monthly evaluations of our success. I recently ended a five-month pilot of Instagram, which has shown significant potential to increase engagement with our students."

Why did you choose to major in English at Villanova?  "I declared my major as early as possible, mostly because I knew I enjoyed reading and writing. What I quickly found out was that my courses would provide me with an invaluable skill-set for the future: the ability to create thought-provoking arguments, back them up with specific facts, and convey them in a persuasive but concise manner. I couldn't be happier with my experience or more proud to tell others that I majored in English."

What was the best part of your experience at Villanova?  "Villanova is not just a school; it's a community. With that in mind, the people were the best part of my experience. I met students, faculty and staff who truly inspired me with their intelligence, talents, selflessness, perseverance and humor. These people prepared me to have a successful career but, more importantly, they prepared me to be a better person in every aspect of my life."

Because I majored in English at Villanova . . .  "I can see the world in both a creative and an analytical light."


Max Stendahl

Max Stendahl, Class of 2010

Occupation:  Senior Reporter, Law 360, a LexisNexis Company legal news service

Major:  English, Honors, and Political Science

What he does:  Stendhal is a reporter and writer for Law 360 specializing in stories on securities litigation and white collar crime.

How his English major helped:  "Studying English at Villanova taught me how to comprehend difficult texts on a wide breadth of topics. I also became a much more accomplished writer, which is critical in my field of work and in every industry. The ability to write well cannot be overestimated. Also, who is better prepared to apply for a job than an English major? You need to write a succinct and compelling cover letter and express yourself well in an interview."


Catherine Bucaria

Catherine Bucaria, Class of 2011

Occupation:  Editorial Assistant, Random House Audio Group, Random House, Inc.

Major:  English.  Concentration:  Honors.  Minor:  Business

What she does:  "As Editorial Assistant for the Random House Audio group, I assist with manuscript review, profit & loss analysis, and acquisition of potential adult and children's audiobook titles. Once we have put together our list of titles, I coordinate seasonal title launch meetings for our division, creating PowerPoints, handouts, and presentations for all titles for the sales, marketing, publicity, and production teams. On a daily basis, I manage title set-up, pricing, and network data for all audio imprints, initiate and circulate contract drafts, coordinate weekly editorial meetings, send author audio copies, and serve as a contact person for authors, agents, and subrights personnel."

How her English major helped:  "I could not be more happy with my decision to major in English at Villanova. I was constantly challenged by my readings, professors, and the variety of courses that are required to complete the major. The writing and analytical skills that resulted from my work in those classes prepared me for workplace situations where a clear and concise, yet creative solution is required. My ability to process and comprehend material given to me and then summarize and extrapolate on the main points is a direct result of the work I did as an English major, and it has been invaluable. Thorough, thoughtful analysis of any reading or data becomes second nature to English majors and will set you apart once you enter the professional world."